We think clean eating is the only form of eating. We’re smoke-free right through. We love sweaty workouts and midday swims. Just as much as we love letting our hair down. We’re obsessed with technology but adore our offline moments. We handpick ingredients for our food carefully. And the people who prepare it too. At FORM, wellness is everything. Come, discover it in the little things we do.

Nothing should come between you and your fitness. Except for a stunning view.

At FORM, we’ve built our fitness centre on the roof. So you can backstroke half the size of an Olympic pool while admiring a stunning skyline. Or run on a treadmill while watching the buzzing Al Jadaf boatyards. The route to looking good has never looked this good.

Our Rooftop Gym comes with top-notch professional equipment:

  • - Life Fitness™ treadmills & elliptical
  • - Double grip medicine balls
  • - Smith machines
  • - Free weight dumbbells & barbell sets
Even travelers deserve some time off too.

To really spoil you, we’ve taken a few steps. We’ve walked down the road, had a friendly chat and collaborated with our lovely neighborhood hotel - Palazzo Versace. That means, now you can pamper yourself silly with the palatial luxuries of ‘The SPA’ at a price that comes as a rather pleasant surprise.

You’re our guest. We owe you a healthier tomorrow.

We banish overly processed foods from our kitchen. Only the freshest veggies, meats and fish make the cut. We’re extremely picky about the source of our ingredients. And about our coffee. We think detox drinks can be perfect sundowners too if you make them like we do. And that fast-food doesn’t have to be fat-food.