At FORM, visual art and design shape everything we do. We’ve curated the finest names in the world of arts to leave you constantly charmed. Architecture and décor by Architecture Studio. Original art photography by the hyper-trendy Nina Dietzel. Both commissioned by us especially for you. Because great design should never be a luxury.

The name behind iconic landmarks has now created another.

FORM has commissioned Architecture Studio, Paris to punctuate Dubai’s jaw-dropping skyline. The European Parliament in Strasbourg, The Tibet Natural Science Museum in Lhasa, the 2010 World Expo master plan in Shanghai, the National Theatre of Bahrain and the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens already share this common connection.

Designed to create novel experiences for today’s novel traveller, FORM is unlike any other. The façade relives the origins of Dubai’s heritage. The extruding frames etched with contemporary calligraphy are a telling example. The alternating floor-to-ceiling acoustic windows bring the opinionated traveller unique points of view. Coupled with a healthy dose of sunshine and privacy. Yet more importantly, it keeps you connected to the world – even if you’re offline.

Form follows function.

We don’t do art for art’s sake. Our in-room art installations are actually cunningly designed pieces of furniture. Custom-crafted by Architecture Studio, Paris exclusively for us. The avant-garde design draws influences from the timeless, art deco era while reflecting a degree of openness. But let’s cut out the needless fluff. Our furniture is just ‘Beautifully practical!’

You may want to spend the day staring at the walls in your room. We don’t blame you.

It’s not uncommon to get fixated by Nina Dietzel’s striking photo frames. We love her pictures too. Commissioned exclusively by FORM for every room, she’s the eye behind the genius stills in The New York Times, The Culturist, and in exhibitions across the U.S., Europe and Asia. She’s worked magic with Hillary Clinton and sculptors Andy Goldsworthy and Mark di Suvero. Skip the art gallery, if you must. You’re already checking into one.