About us

The finest curated experiences:
Created by you. Crafted by us.

Welcome to FORM Hotel, Dubai.

Welcome to a first of its kind concept hotel that brings you tomorrow-ready design, technology, and thoughtfulness, today.

Where you decide the way you stay.

Perfect for the frequent-flying business travellers, the weekenders, the bloggers, or even long-haul explorers, FORM aims to bring you the flexibility of add-ons to give you everything you value and nothing you don’t. The essentials of a comfortable stay are all on us. Like a custom-crafted, luxury bed, walk-in high-pressure rain shower, Samsung HDTV with Google Chromecast and complimentary WiFi. You get to decide everything else with weForm – a never-before way of picking and choosing only the experiences, amenities and services you love.

Where you can choose to connect or disconnect.

FORM Hotel is located in the bustling bits of Dubai - with traditional boat-building craftsmen on one side and sensational skyscrapers on the other. It connects you to a digital space where you can work or play, meet and greet, and reconnect with places and people in more ways than one.

Where art is not just restricted to our walls but in the way we perfect our coffee as well.

From the inimitable timeless elements to the custom-designed furniture and photographs framed on the walls in your room, FORM creates experiences that you can enjoy while sipping your own barista-style pour over coffee.

Where we encourage wellbeing for our bodies and the environment too.

At FORM, we believe the environment needs to detox along with us. We believe in sustainability not just in the materials we use to build but also in the ingredients that go into our meals. From being smoke-free right through to being conscious about keeping our carbon footprint as tiny as possible, we are here for smarter, healthier tomorrow.